Le crétin, l'imbécile sont les traductions immédiates. On pourra se souvenir dans Week-end en Famille de Claudia (Clyde est le surnom) se rendant à Thanksgiving chez ses parents et appelant son frère dans l'avion, assise à côté d'une femme aussi exubérante qu'indiscrète, et tombant sur son répondeur (machine), .

Hi ! Hi little brother ! It's your big bad sister : where are you ? I'm on my way to Henry and Adele. You're having Thanksgiving with your friends ? I would, if I had any, which I don't because I'd have to send them birthday cards, which is alright, of course, because you know I'm only looking for pity. Jesus, my my my...
(en larmes) Shit ! I really wish you're gonna be there kiddo because, because I'm as sick as a dog and I made out with my boss and Kitt (sa fille)'s gonna have sex with a teenager and then I got fired or the other way round, whatever
(réalisant)O my God, I cannot believe I've said that to a machine, I hate machines, please get rid of this tape, it's nothing, it's absolutely no big deal, I'm fine. I'm just...I just miss you guys. Happy Thanksgiving, please give Jack a big big big, a big hug for me. That's it. Love. Clyde.
[Elle raccroche. Se parlant à elle-même :] God ! That was moronic.

Crazy woman : My son is a moron. He sells thousand dollars suits in Akron, Ohio.