Charlie : You told him about this meeting ? Pitts : Twice. Charlie : It's all right : we're all fried. Knox : How do you mean ? Charlie : Cameron is a fink. He's in Nolan's office, right now, finking. Pitts : About what ?! Charlie : The club, Pitsie, think about it. The board of directors, the Trustees and Mr Nolan, do you think for one moment that they're gonna let this thing just blow over ? Schools go down because of things like this. They need a scapegoat. [Cameron rentre. Tout le monde se tait et attend.] Cameron : What's going on, guys ! Charlie : You finked, didn't you, Cameron ? Cameron : Finked ? I don't know what the hell you're talking about... Charlie : You told Nolan everything about the club, is what I'm talking about. Cameron : In case of you haven't heard,Dalton, there's something called an honor code in this school : a teacher asks you a question, you tell the truth or you're expelled. [Charlie Dalton veut lui sauter dessus mais les autres le retiennent.] Charlie : He's a rat ! He's in it up to his eyes, so he rattled to save himself. Knox : Don' t touch him Charlie or you're out ! Charlie : I'm out anyway. Todd : You don't know that. Not yet. Cameron : He's right there, Charlie, and if you guys are smart, you would do exactly what I did and cooperate. They're not after us : we're the victims. Us and Neil. Charlie : What's that mean ? Who are they after ? Cameron : But Mr Keating, of course, the "captain" himself. I mean, you guys, didn't really think he could avoid responsibility, did you? Charlie : Mr Keating, responsible for Neil, is that what they're saying ? Cameron : Who else do you think, dumb ass ? The administration, Mr Perry ? Mr Keating put him up to all this crap, didn't he ? If it wasn't for Mr Keating [si Mr K. n'avait pas été là], Neil would be cozied up in his room right now, studying his chemistry and dreaming about being called a doctor. Todd : That is not true, Cameron, you know that ! He didn't put him up to anything ! But Neil loved acting ! Cameron : Believe what you want, but I say let Keating fry. Why ruin our lives ? [Charlie lui met son poing à la figure. Cameron se relève en essuyant le sang qui coule de son nez.] Cameron : You just signed your expulsion papers, Nuwanda. If the rest of you are smart, you'll just do exactly what I did. They know everything anyway. You can't save Keating but you can save yourselves.